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William O’Neil and his partner, Winfred Fouse, founded the General Tire and Rubber Company in 1915. General Tire was an outgrowth of the Western Tire & Rubber Company. By the time General entered the market, there were already more than 300 tire manufacturers. General Tire decided not to pursue the original equipment market. Instead they focused on producing premium replacement tires. Their first tire was the General Jumbo, a pneumatic truck tire, which was an industry original. In the mid-1920s, General invented the low-pressure General Balloon Jumbos. The tire required only 12 pounds of air pressure and revolutionized all tire manufacturing concepts. In 1955, General entered into the passenger car tire market. General Tire and Rubber Company changed its name to GenCorp, Inc. in 1984. Then in 1987, General Tire was purchased by Continental AG of Hannover, Germany. Today, General Tire is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Tire North America, Inc. and is a leader in the development, production, and marketing of quality tires for automotive applications.

General Tire’s featured tire is the Altimax HP. The Altimax HP is a high-performance tire with advanced technology for exceptional tread life, low noise, and ride comfort. The tire features visual alignment indicators (VAI), acoustic modulation sound technology (AMST), a twin cushion silica tread compound, and reactive contour technology. The visual alignment indicator is a unique stamp that visually indicates the need for tire replacement by changing from “Replacement Tire Monitor” to “Replace Tire” based on treadwear. The acoustic modulations sound technology suppresses road tire noise. The twin cushion tread compound delivers extraordinary riding comfort. The reactive contour technology reacts to differing road conditions to maintain contact with road surface for increased driving confidence.

The Grabber AT² is General Tire’s on-/off-road, all-terrain light truck tire developed for exceptional traction over all terrains. The aggressive self-cleaning tread pattern enhances off-road and wet traction capabilities. The Grabber AT² features five rows of tread with multiple traction edges, which promotes uncompromising off-road traction. The tire also has an extra-deep, highly-engineered acoustic tread pattern, which is designed to increase tread life and allows the aggressive tread pattern to remain quiet during road and highway driving.

The Ameri*GS60 is a long-lasting tire that provides a smooth, quiet ride with a great steering response. The tire’s sequentially adapted tread pattern delivers a quiet, all-season performance. Directional control ribs allows for a smooth ride with a great steering response. The tire also features a wide tread footprint with the latest compound technology, which offers a long tire life with optimal wet and dry handling.

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